Release notes May/June 2021

This week an updated version of the CYS software is being released. This update includes a variety of new features, improvements, and fixes.

General - Portal main tabs

  • The text of the hyperlinks on the main menu landing page was duplicated within the explanatory text. This has been corrected
  • A help-tool has been implemented with reference articles and the ability to directly enter a question to support without leaving the software

Projects - Schedulers

  • No break spaces for fieldpicker texts have been replaced by spaces
  • The creator name of a copied scheduler now displays the user copying the origina.
  • Placeholders for default enrollment criteria are created upo0n copying. When the project goes live, these will automatically be filled.
  • Made improvements concerning the exception date.
  • It is now possible to offer respondents the option to subscribe/unsubscribe via sms

Data garden - Blacklist

  • It is now possible to add email addresses starting with a + to the blacklist. This is beneficial when sending out invites via sms.

Data garden - Database

  • The status of records is no longer updated when editing a record through a Follow Up Widget
  • Email addresses, divided by comma's in a single datafield can now be picked up by a fieldpicker and used in the "to" field of an email setup

Data garden - Import

  • CSV files with values that are separated by pipes are now accepted

Media Library

  • We made several improvements changes to the look and feel, structure and search/filter functionalities in favor of loading speed

Dashboard - Charts and Tables

  • Improved the look and feel of the stacked chart.
  • Values that were missing a label, were represented with a periodlabel before. This is no longer the case
  • It is now possible to sort categories within tables.
  • Graphs are no longer cut off due to description text or tags
  • Answer categories for compare are now filtered based on optioncode instead of labels

Dynamic Rule Engine

  • The dynamic rule engine now successfully refers to media subtypes
  • It is now possible to set up a wizard rule based upon the output of a VLookup.
  • The Event Based rule create/change database value - action, is now case sensitive
  • Event based rules can now be executed based on date-type conditions as well.

Dashboard - Filters

  • The Account Based filter now takes spaces in values into account when recognizing filters
  • We made several improvements upon the freeze functionality.

Dashboard - Data Grid

  • A hyperlink is now clickable in the datagrid and conversation widget
  • The design for a datagrid download to PDF has been improved
  • When an expiry date of a datagrid download is reached, a message has replaced the error code.

Dashboard - General

  • Tabs that conntain different widget types nolonger block a download on that tab
  • We have made improvement on the look and feel of the infographic webshop - check out the new infographics!
  • Special characters are now allowed in widget names
  • It is now possible to use colors from the dashboard colorscheme within a custom infographic design.
  • When switching periods, a check on most recent data in the dashboard is made and this is used as the current date.

Dashboard – Reporting widgets and calculations

  • Dates in the MtD and YtD now run from the1st day of the period to the last date of that same period that has data.
  • Topbox and Bottombox calculations have been replaced by the Category Percentage
  • Added new caldulations: Min, Max, Range, Median and Standard Deviation.