Release notes August 2021

This week an updated version of the CYS software is being released. This update includes a variety of improvements and fixes.

General – User activation email

  • The portal name, which can be set by admin users in your Portal Settings, is now reflected within the user activation mail.


  • There are several options displayed for question pages on mouse over, such as grouping, copying, deleting, or dynamic rules and fieldpickers. Before, part of these options where available in a submenu. Now they are all directly accessible, with larger icons for easier access.  


  • We have optimized the ease of use for fieldpickers within HTML templates, so you can insert them directly at the desired location without any effect on the code. 

Media Library

  • We made several improvements in favor of loading speed for large volumes.

Dashboard – General

  • Certain calculations or widgets did not yet support decimals, but only showed rounded numbers. Now all widgets and calculations (where applicable) support showing decimals.
  • When displaying media files in for example datagrids or conversation widgets, we now support M4a formatted files as well.

Dashboard - Infographics

  • It is now possible to exclude infographics from being filtered. 
  • The functionality for dynamic colours within infographics is improved. These scripts are now also supported for filtered results and individual results. 

Dashboard – Charts & Tables

  • when calculations result in 0 (zero), the value names overlapped the labels. They are now placed in such a way that all items are readable. 
  • When there are no results yet for the current period, the automated scaling was off. This is now fixed.

Dashboard – Priority matrix

  • It is now possible to export the graph to PDF.

Dynamic Rule Engine

  • VLOOKUP rules now offer more flexibility, as it is no longer required to use the same name between the lookupcolumn and the lookupkeycolumn.
  • An additional safety has been implemented when you copy information into a rule. When saving the rule, it is now always saved as plain text. Any formatting that accidently is copied along will automatically be removed to avoid errors.
  • When setting up a rule and selecting a column, there is now a tooltip in place that shows the entire column name, regardless of the length. 
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