Release notes November 2021

This week an updated version of the CYS software is being released. This update includes a variety of new features, improvements, and fixes.

Data garden - Import

  • A deactivated importslot does not work
  • Special characters are accepted in headers

Data garden - Database

  • Fixed a very specific issue that temporarily made it difficult to download the database with codebook.
  • The database now allows for storage of the actual value input in case of a Condition Checklist page
  • sys_completeddate and sys_updated no longer show a date in the future, regardless of device settings

Media Library

  • Changes in a mediafilter are now automatically updated

Dynamic Rule Engine

  • Creation records with errors no longer block mapping of imported records
  • Vlookup now works on labelled data


  • Answer options that have no live results and are deleted will not appear as filter options in the dashboard anymore
  • Period settings that go back 53 periods now work properly
  • Filters in the dashboard now have a unison way of taking into account empty and NULL values in the database

Mobile App

  • Top 3 widgets now show labels in ios mobile app

  • Users that were already in the app will be automatically signed out when deactivated

  • The dashobard filter dropdown in the mobile app is now of an acceptable size

Field Picker

  • Fixed a bug in which it made it difficult to place field pickers
  • Fixed a bug due to which fieldpickers in trigger emails gave back codes instead of labels


  • You are now able to add a respondent to multiple exclusion lists
  • Fixed a bug in which there was a conflict in updating the questionnaire and the scheduler with multiple tabs open, causing enrollment criteria to disappear
  • You can now unsubscribe via sms