Release notes December 2021

This week an updated version of the CYS software will be released. This update includes a variety of improvements and fixes. You may expect the following:

Data garden - Import

  • Fixed a bug in which the log got maxed out after hitting a considerable amount of logs
  • Sys_imports ID is no longer recycled upon deletion of imported records, but added as a unique value
  • Fixed a bug in which the importtbatchnumber didn't update in a desireable way
  • When deleting an Import source, you are now asked to verify

Dynamic Rule Engine

  • Fixed an issue concerning hard returns within DRE formatting
  • Made improvements on the VLookupso it caters to a wider range of circumstances

Data garden - Blacklist

  • Requirements for email addresses to be blacklisted are updated, allowing for more special characters in the address to be accepted

Media Library

  • Multiple files can now be exported from the Media Library at th same time


  • User can no longer enter any other characters than numbers in the decimal field of a reporting widget
  • Quarterly period can now be found between Monthly and Yearly periods
  • Filters that fall outside of the direct selection box, now still display when selected
  • In order to reduce loading time of a dashboard, a maximum number of widgets per page is now allowed
  • Decimals are applied even if the result of the calculation is a rounded number
  • The manual period setting "all" is now updated automatically, not just upon refresh
  • Fixed a bug in which placed filters did not unselect properly
  • Fixed a bug in which it was difficult to edit Freeze filters
  • Response % and completed % now show the correct N over which the calculation is made

Mobile App

  • Improved on media questions with regards to tablet users

  • Colors in the dashboard settings are consistent with template colors

  • Text in project planner overview is now aligned for mobile app

  • The full name of the image that was taken now shows in the app version of the questionnaire

  • The logo on the portal entry screen is no longer compressed

Questionnaire Builder

  • Font size now matches question text, answer text and description text areas

User management

  • As of now, deleted users can be re-entered without cooldown and they can login like they used to with their former accounts

Respondent view

  • Improved on the scalability of the respondent view