CYS 2.0 - Release notes June 2022

We are proud to present the new and improved version of your CYS portal! This update is packed with the following new features and improvements:



  • New import options are added under the Connectors and Integrations. You can now connect to your OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box account to set up automated imports.
  • You are now able to manually Add, Edit, Delete or Export records in your import slot.
  • When creating headers through an import, the system checks the first available records of your import file to recognize date and/or time type fields. A wide variety of formats is recognized and automatically converted into the portal date/time format.
  • System date column (sys_createdon) is now converted into a date type column instead of a text column. This column is equipped with an improved filter options as well.
  • There are new system columns added to register user actions (edit and delete).
  • Log reports are extended to contain user actions as well.


  • You are now able to manually Edit and Delete records from your database.
  • The Export option creates a downlink link that will be made available in your notifications. You no longer have to wait on the file to be downloaded in your browser. As soon as its ready, you will get a notification in the top right corner automatically.
  • All system date columns are now converted into a date type column instead of a text column. These columns are equipped with improved filter options as well.
  • The actions buttons in your database now take into consideration applied filters as well. So if you first filter out a selection of your records with the filter option that is available on each column, and then apply an action such as Export and Delete, this will only be executed on the filtered out records.
  • All questionnaire date/time columns are now converted into the general portal wide notation as well.
  • Within dynamic rules, you are able to use period selections in your conditions, to target records within a specific time frame.
  • There are additional flags available on each column, to indicate if its allowed to edit the field or if it’s a required field.
  • There are new system columns added to register user actions (edit and delete).
  • Log reports are extended to contain user actions as well.
  • Send mail actions now have a ready-to-use template added to them, to help you get started easily.
  • Event based rules are now only available to Guru users.
  • Labelled data columns are now only available for creation and editing to Guru users.

API management

  • With system columns being converted into date type columns, this allows for easier period selections in your requests.
  • Additional APIs are made available to target schedulers, blacklists, and extended import and export functionality. You can read all the details within the API manual.



  • All html pages now have an designed html template upon creation. This applies to the Start page, End page, Time Elapsed page, Completed page and Information pages.

Questionnaire respondent view

  • The respondent view is optimized even further for improved mobile responsiveness.
  • The amount of white space around buttons within the respondent view is minimized, to make optimal use of the available space.
  • Custom favicons and portal names are now supported within the respondent view.
  • The input form is completely redesigned.
  • Date and time type questions are redesigned for improved user friendliness and the output is registered in a consistent format within your database.
  • Images within the question pages and answer options can be enlarged by clicking on them, for easier review.
  • Media type questions such as video allow for easy recording, reviewing and uploading media files within a questionnaire.
  • The conditions checklist now registers and shows the submitted value as well as the answer category.


  • All schedulers now have an overview page that indicates the amount of completes gathered with that scheduler over a weekly period.
  • The personal invite scheduler now has an email template available upon creation.
  • Project planner schedulers now allow past dates within the start date field. This ensures that you can easily edit an ongoing scheduler without any issues.


  • Dashboards now have all the basics already in place upon creation: a neutral color scheme, matching background image, tabs, filters, period settings, and an HTML widget with information to get started
  • Reviewing videos with a picture-in-picture functionality is now available for multiple video file types.
  • Performance improvements have been applied to the databases in order to achieve speed improvements within the dashboards.
  • Account based filters are now only available for adding or editing to Guru users.
  • The necessary preparations are made to activate the Reports module in portals, to support the upcoming PowerPoint integration.


User management

  • The Guru role is now available as a separate role within user management. This specific user role provides you with access to:
    • Expert mode within dynamic data rules
    • VLOOKUP actions within the dynamic data rules
    • Event based rules within the database
    • Labelled data columns
    • API key management
    • Access code tabs within (custom) infographic widgets in dashboarding
    • Account based filters within dashboarding
      This also means that all other user types can no longer access this functionality.
  • The user permissions for each default role are simplified.
  • It is now possible to add custom roles for each user type: Guru, Administrator or Collaborator.
  • The number of active or pending users per type are summarized at the top of your user list.
  • When importing a large number of users, you can already set user details such as Groups, Roles, and Types directly within the import file.
  • You can now export all details from your user list, including information such as Status, Groups, Roles and Last login dates of your users.

Portal settings

  • The timestamps in your portal are reflecting the time zone as set within your portal time zone settings. By correctly setting the time zone, all existing records will be converted into that time zone notation as well.

Media Library 

  • Improved search options by being able to filter on creation/upload times.
  • Improved loading times.
  • Expanded on the files types supported.


  • Edit rights are now by default available within your portal for all questionnaire columns and custom columns. System columns are by default protected against editing, but can be partially released upon request.
  • You are able to minimize the main menu by clicking the large colored circle at the top of your screen.


Mobile apps for iOS and Android

  • New versions of the mobile apps are available now. Make sure to download the updated versions to ensure compatibility with all new functionality.
  • All performance improvements and respondent view improvements are applied within the mobile apps as well.

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