Release notes 10/17/2022

We're thrilled to announce another updated build later this week that is filled with improvements and bugfixes. Want to know if your issue is fixed? Related Freshdesk tickets are included in below's notes!

Data garden - Import

  • Improved on the pagination of logfiles so they can handle more logreports

Data garden - Database

  • A bug where records stayed on active when the questionnaire was closed in a very specific scenario for iOS devices was fixed (#102052, #102091, #101916)
  • A bug where in specific scenario's certain dates changed from mm/dd to dd/mm was fixed
  • Fixed a project specific bug where the edit screen of the database did not line up with the dataview
  • System columns now show time according to the dtime zone settings of the portal
  • Fixed an issue where the settings of the respondent's device (Buddhist/chinese calendar) influenced the dates in system columns (#103564)
  • Pagenames are now included in the headers of the export of databases

Data garden - API

  • Api manual webpage has been updated with new options
  • Fixed a swagger parameter error


  • Download message is now consistent with the notification bell when making an export. (#104890)
  • Fixed a specific table setup in terms of look and feel for cases where no data was present for a particular variable
  • Dashboard filter bug for specific user accounts is resolved (#102757, #102637)

Mobile App

  • Fixed logo on portal page of mobile apps

  • Removed double loading icons

Questionnaire Builder

  • Image links for custom added languages no longer break (#102568, #102563)
  • Fixed the button for "+new page" (#101041)
  • Corrected description box placeholders on all questionnaire pages (#101041)
  • Fixed and clarified error messages while adding/delingg pages to and from the questionnaire builder
  • It is possible to use fieldpickers in the question text areas on multiple lines again. Line breaks no longer interfere with the fieldpicker functionality (#101367)
  • Improved on the time selector option of the input form (100146)
  • Input form with an extroadinary long list of question options no longer breaks the preview option of the questionnaire page.
  • Copying and pasting answer options or question texts in the questionnaire builder now get saved without you having to edit them. (#101273)

User management

  • Fixed a bug where turning off the authorization for "can view or edit their own user profile resulted in an error message upon login
  • Filtering in user management can now be combined

Respondent view

  • Fixed an issue where signing up for the blacklist influenced the respondent view.
  • Fixed the broken line of the condition checklist page

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