Release notes 03/11/2022

We're happyto announce another updated build later this week with more improvements and bugfixes. Want to know if your issue is fixed? Related Freshdesk tickets are included in below's notes!

Data garden - Import

  • sys_importBatchNumber is now numeric, allowing for better sorting and allowing the VLookup to recognize the newest import based on this number amongst multiple imports. (#103355, #103286, #105964, #106238)

Data garden - Database

  • For date and time type columns it was not possible to filter on empty or not empty values. This filter option is now added.
  • If the outcome of a KPI calculation was a negative value, this was translated incorrectly into the scaling of the priority matrix. and the outcome of the KPI was notvisibl in the top left corner. Negative values are now correctly supported.
  • For specific users, the priority matrix did not load the main KPI value correctly due to local language settings. This is now fixed.


  • Fixed a bug in which preset filters could be cleared by users. (#103776, #105094, #105009, #105170)
  • Custom infographics did not reload data when switching to another period if that same tab contained an HTML widget on it. This is now resolved.
  • Dashboard did not show data on first access, due to period grouping info not being available yet. this is now resolved. (#99979, #100001)
  • Fixed a bug in which language settings affected the display of the Priority Matrix (#98325, #98450, #100119, #100198, #105622)

Questionnaire Builder

  • Dynamic images in questionnaire work for all question pages and the questionnaire (#103160)

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