Release notes 11/30/2022

We're happy to announce another updated build with more improvements and bugfixes. Want to know if your issue is fixed? Related Freshdesk tickets are included in below's notes!

Data garden - Import

  • Made changes to the order of the system columns in the import sources. Older import sources now match the new format, so that new definitions may be added to them without issue.
  • String based columns carrying numbers preceeded by 0 in a csv file that are offered through sftp keep their "0" when imported.


  • Fixed a bug where for vertical tables carrying a grouping over a compare, a period label was shown if the label was not present for that particular value (#100260, #100237)
  • Fixed a bug where the label within a compare-based widget, table, chart or infographic got duplicated if another label carried the exact amount of instances (=n) (#102905, #103675)