Release notes 12/09/2022

We're proud to announce yet another version update including the following improvements.  Want to know if your issue is fixed? Related Freshdesk tickets are included in below's notes! 


  • Made adjustments to the login page since Microsoft is retiring the endpoint for the environment that we are using. (#106841, #106770, #106768, #106772)


  • Improved the performance of the filter dropdowns in the dashboard. They now load faster, the values are temporarily saved so they do not have to reload for each filter change.
  • Values in the filter dropdowns now carry up to 500 unique items instead of 100. The rest can be accessed via the search option.
  • This change is supported in the new versions of the mobile apps as well.
  • Fixed a specific user-bug with regards to dashboards loading times (#102368, #104451, #106254, #106171)
  • Reduced the number of datarequests upon loading a dashboard to make loading more efficient.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented scheduler overview graphs from updating