Release notes 02/28/2023

This morning we released a build that is all about user experience. We updated the design of the overview screen so that they accomodate our users better in staying up to date with their projects. We also found the time to include a few bugfixes. Want to know if your issue is fixed? Related Freshdesk tickets are included in below's notes!


  • Rounded up an item in which large quantities of data took too long to import, generating duplicates (#106903)

Respondent view

  • When trying the management area of your portal via iPhone, you are redirected to a screen where you are guided to the downloadable mobile app (#80695)


  • Special characters in the Sender name area of the personal email scheduler are now accepted both for regular input as well as fieldpicker use. (#105060)
  • We fixed a translation error in case of permanently deleting a scheduler. (#106934)


  • When switching between DRE actions to which a different number of follow up selection boxes, in earlier versions, the additional selection boxes stayed open. This has now been fixed (#106250)

Questionnaire Builder

  • It is now possible to remove individual section of the image checklist and condition checklist within the questionnaire builder as well. (#104733)


  • Fixed a bug where in some specific scenario's the export buttons disappeared from view in the datagrid after switching tabs. (#105898, #101347, #101280)


We are extremely proud to offer the following improvements in our design!

  • We have implemented new overview screens with a more clear overview of the basic information that is important for an administrator.
  • It is now possible to change the position and size of your overview screen widgets the Sources and Database menus in the Data Garden area, and for the customer, Organization and Employee menus in the Research Area.
  • Blacklist, Dashboard and Reporting menu's are updated every time you visit these area's displaying updated information if any activity has taken place in these areas
  • Sources, Database, Customer, Organization and Employee menu's are checked for updates every hours. If any activity has taken place in these areas, the graphs are updated.
  • Sources overview screens show the number of records that are present in the source, as well as how many records got imported on what day or week.
  • Database overview screens show the number of new live records that are added to the database on a daily or weekly basis. You can zoom in by clicking on a bar to see by what means the records got added to the database.
  • Blacklist overview screens show the number of blacklisted or temporarily excluded email addresses per list.
  • Customer, Organization and Emplyee overview screens now show the division of new, active and completed records per day.
  • Dashboard overview screens now show the number of users a dashboard has been published to
  • Report overview screens now show the number of recipients of a report as well as how many reports were generated during the last run.
  • Dashboard settings have been divided in 3 clear areas for more transparency
  • Dashboard settings offer new features such as blurring a background image, using an overlay color and setting transparency for both.

Please note, to fully appreciate the improvements made, it might be necessarey to clear your cache and cookies via your browser settings.