Release notes 03/27/2023

This morning we released a build that mainly revolves aroun our newest feature: the Report Generator. Users can now send reports to their accounts in a powerpoint design of their choice. We also found the time to include a few bugfixes. Want to know if your issue is fixed? Related Freshdesk tickets are included in below's notes!


  • We fixed an item where the logfiles showed the total count of imported records, while mapping data from different sources to one project at the same time. They now show these records per line per source. (#101497)


  • When exporting data from your blacklist or exclusion list the creation and exclusion dates now are represented in a consistent mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm format in the excel file. (#107133)


  • We fixed an item where in trigger emails the fieldpicker showed the optioncode 0 instead of the label "No" when representing the answer to a multi response question. (#106436)

Questionnaire Builder

  • We optimized the validation of the "decimals" answer settings of the numerical input form field. (#103154, #103136)


  • When exporting a table or graph in excel format, the numbers are now no longer placed as a string value in the excel file, but as a numeric value, so you use the data for further calculations immediately. (#101497)
  • We fixed an item where in some scenario's the smart period indicator still showed after having applied the manual period filter. (#106606)
  • We optimized the design of the HTML dashboard widgets. (#101612, #102624)
  • We hid the smartfilter radio button in the smartfilter dashboard filter widget, since it operates under different requirements (#106372)


We are extremely proud to announce the release of the Report Generator! For a full appreciation of our lates feature, please read the What's new section for more details on it!

  • The report generator is a new module that can be purchased as an add-on to your regular environment. Only clients that have done so, will be able to see and access this module.
  • The new module "Reports" is now available for admin users to create reports in pptx format.
  • Reports that are sent to collaborators can be viewed by them in the experience app.
  • Reports can be sent in an aggregated way (periodically and based on the latest period) or on a single report basis
  • To notify the collaborators that they have a new report waiting for them, they can be alerted by means of an email

Please note, to fully appreciate the improvements made, it might be necessarey to clear your cache and cookies via your browser settings.