Release notes 05/05/2023

This morning we released a build that is focused on user experience. We made some updates with regards to the look and feel of the dashboard area and more improvements are still to come. We also had some room to include several bugfixes. Want to know if your issue is fixed? Related Freshdesk tickets are included in below's notes!


  • We optimized the image ratio to a more standardized format. Also images that do not fit that format maintain their original ratio, to avoid compression of the image.
  • We optimized the design of the kpi & calculation tab in the portal settings menu for a better look and feel and user friendliness. We also added information pages about the different calculations, to give users a better understanding of how they are applied. 

Database - API

  • We made it easier to filter data per questionnaire data when extracting data from your database via API. (#104936, #104685)

  • We updated the design of the overview screens of the API menu


  • We optimized the scrollbars in the dashboard area.
  • When accessing the media library from the dashboard,  you now also have the option to edit the media library by adding folders or images. If your desired image is not yet uploaded, you can now do this directly from the dashboard view. 
  • Admins can now decide whether they want a dashboard to be accessible on mobile app, web app or both, thus encouraging to create designs that are user friendly to each option.
  • We updated the design of the edit buttons of the dashboard widgets for a more uniform look and feel.
  • We updated the design of the delete tab popup