Release notes 08/16/2023

Another update of the CYS software has just been released and we are happy to share the details on the improvements, features and bug fixes that are now available.

Respondent view

  • We have improved the responsiveness of the image checklist question pages as well as the condition checklist pages. These pages are commonly used within audit projects, where questions might need some more explanations. To ensure that longer questions texts are properly handled on a wide variety of screen sizes, and do not overlap with other questions on the same page, a popup functionality has been added.

    Our system automatically recognizes when a text does not fit the screen anymore and it adds the popup box with the full text. No specific setting or user action is needed, and its only applied when necessary. When hovering over the text (or clicking it on mobile devices or within the app), the box with the full text will appear. (#105001, #105000)

  • In addition, we have also improved the way that viewing images within the respondent view is handled. When there are images presented, either next to the question text, or within answer options, the respondent can now enlarge them to full screen size, making them easier to review in detail and even answer questions about them if required.


  • The full screen mode for images is now also supported within dashboards. If respondents have submitted images within the questionnaire, these can be presented within a datagrid or a conversation widget. The user can now immediately review the images in full screen mode within the dashboard itself, simply by clicking the image, removing the need to download it first. This functionality is supported within the web view as well as within the mobile apps. (#105848)

Dynamic rules

  • Even though rare, it could occur that in specific scenarios the vlookup rules upon creation of records were not properly executed. This is now resolved. (#109110, #109158, #109178)