Release notes 10/13/2023

A new update has been provided, in which we focused on several fixes and improvements within the dashboard functionality: 


  • Period-to-date widgets should always show the data of the full current running period. Therefore they need to report on a fixed start date, instead of adhering to the calendar start date chosen. This is now resolved to ensure that for these specific widgets (year-to-date, quarter-to-date, month-to-date), the start date can not be changed by the user. 

  • Start date selection did not work for specific user accounts. Some users faced the issue that regardless of the start date they applied in their calendar, the period compares would still continue to show the data for all periods. This is now reset for these specific users. 

  • When selecting different filter options, these options could only be removed with the clear button. We have made the necessary changes to make sure individual filter options can be removed with the cross icon on the tag itself as well.  

  • The period selection calendar is improved by adding a confirmation button. This way, you can ensure you have the exact selection of start and end date first, before confirming you want to retrieve data. This prevents unnecessary data loading through unintended changes. 

  • Source lock is removed when using the import JSON option of the External API. (#109701) 

  • Within KPI widgets and priority matrix, there is an option to click the widget and review the open answers given by respondents. The selections of records to be shown in specific scenarios was incorrect in comparison to the period chosen. This is resolved to ensure that the most recent records of the chosen period (max 100) are available in the popup. (#109673, #109714) 

  • Reporting time can be set to Current or Previous. Widgets that reported previous period on Week or Day basis did not yet support the setting for previous period. This implementation is now added. (#109654)  

  • When a widget has the setting for Exclude from dashboard filter activated, this means that any filter variables applied to the dashboard are ignored by that widget. It will continue to show the unfiltered data. As an improvement we are now ensuring that when ever the filters are changed in the dashboard, these widgets do not reload any data. This reduces the amount of data processing. 

  • Stacked bar charts that report multiple answer options, would not indicate the total N for a period if one or more categories did not have data. This is now resolved. (#109680) 

  • Period setting “ALL” in the calendar did not automatically update to the date of today. Instead it remembered the end date of the last day the dashboard was reviewed by the user. This is now corrected. If a user chooses the ALL setting and makes no additional changes, this means that the end date will automatically update to the current date on every visit to the dashboard. If however a specific start or end date is chosen by the user, this is still remembered for quick and easy access to relevant and often requested periods for that user. (#109652) 

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